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Mulligan Club

 A community of golfers bringing other golfers closer to Jesus.

Mulligan Club is a community of golfers dedicated to sharing God's ultimate mulligan: a new life in Jesus Christ. All it takes is for you to walk across the green and start a conversation.


But how do you even begin to talk about Jesus? It can feel awkward and daunting. But, like with most things in life, it's easier when you're prepared. Mulligan Club has the resources you need to get prepared and gain the confidence to start sharing your faith with your playing partners.


Become a member today. It's free and open to all who have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Every golfer in every nation following Jesus.

The Mulligan Metaphor

“Blessed is the man whose bogies the Lord does not count against him.”-
Tim Philpot

Tim is the author of “Player’s Progress” a novel on a golfer’s search for wisdom on a dream course in northern Scotland, and “Ford’s Wonderful World of Golf” is a memoir to his father published in 2013. He also served for twelve years as a volunteer assistant coach and chaplain for the University of Kentucky men’s golf team, where he played and graduated in 1974. Tim won several local and state golf tournaments as an amateur golfer and participated in the British Amateur in 1983.

The Eternal Mulligan by Tim Philpot

What happens when you trust in Jesus? You get a “mulligan.” You know all about it. You hit a bad shot. Maybe even out of bounds. Your friend says, “Forget that one. Hit another one.” In real tournaments, of course, there are no mulligans, which is why real golf with a scorecard and a pencil is so hard.


But a mulligan with your friends is one of life’s great pleasures. And that is exactly what God stands ready to give everybody in the world if they will simply accept it: a clean scorecard.


The gospel is actually quite simple.


You have heard the term “born again.” It means a new start, a second chance from God Himself.  A mulligan. And God’s mulligans are free and limitless. They are free because Jesus Christ has already paid the penalty. Salvation is a gift.


King David knew about mulligans. He knew that, “Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him” (Psalm 32:1,2). Based on David’s shot when he killed Goliath with a sling, he may have had a good short game. But we know for sure he needed forgiveness for all his many sins.


So, blessed is the man whose bogies (even double bogies) the Lord does not count against him.


Look at your life’s scorecard. You are way over par. The card is full of bogies and worse. Not a good performance. But if you will trust God, then He will give you a mulligan. He will take your 42 or even 52 on the front nine, your bogie-filled scorecard, tear it up and throw it away. In its place He will give you a brand-new life. Forgiveness.


Now, maybe your life isn’t so bad. Maybe your life is “even par,” a metaphorical 36. But even that is not perfect. God is ready to exchange the perfect life of Jesus for your imperfect life. God is ready to allow you to start over if you will trust in Him. T


This is possible because “Greater love has no man than to give his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) 

The Ultimate Mulligan

Mulligan Club is based upon the idea that everyone deserves a second chance at golf, and life. In this clip from The Mulligan movie, the Old Pro shares God's ultimate mulligan with a successful businessman who seemingly has it all, but is seeking peace and purpose in his life. Just as Jesus taught by using parables, we have an opportunity to share our faith with 70 million golfers around the world using "golfables." 

Mulligan Club Resources

The Practice Range

We all need to practice to get better at whatever it is we are trying to do. Sharing the gospel on the course is no different. The Practice Range is loaded with helpful resources to teach you how to start conversations, answer questions, and build relationships, with the ultimate goal of bringing people closer to Jesus.

The Clubhouse

Sometimes the best part of the round is meeting at the clubhouse for a cold beverage and friendly conversation. At The Clubhouse, you can share photos and videos on our Gallery. In our Forum, you can share thoughts, "God moments," testimonials, and stories of transformation with other members.

The Club Directory

First and foremost, Mulligan Club is for connecting golfers who follow Jesus with other Jesus followers around the world. In the Club Directory you can find a member in your city, or across the globe to connect with. Together, we will spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

 Our Teaching Pros

Mulligan Club is supported voluntarily by contributions from former professional golfers, world-renowned authors, and ministry leaders. 

 Our Ministry Partners

"Golf ministry is a powerful and personal way to share the gospel and to see how God transforms lives."

John Smith, Links Players

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